Separately Managed Accounts: Private Client

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Chickasaw Capital serves as the investment manager to those with substantial wealth. By adhering to certain minimum account sizes, Chickasaw Capital is able to provide exceptional and dedicated service to a select few relationships. 

Our investment philosophy is founded on building a portfolio that has the opportunity for solid total returns from the ownership of public companies with growing earnings, the re-valuation of a company's earnings to higher multiple, or from both earnings growth and multiple expansion. 

We seek long-term appreciation by investing in high-quality companies with superior management in a variety of situations, including small, medium and large public companies. We aim to deliver returns by leveraging our quantitative and fundamental research abilities to identify investment candidates that exhibit attractive characteristics. 

Our investment team analyzes a potential investment to assess the key drivers of the business and determine if it merits consideration. We pay particular attention to the company’s management team, the return on capital, the company’s growth prospects and valuation.

We then cultivate value by:

  1. Investing at a fair price in strong, industry-leading businesses with the potential to grow at better than market rates over the long term; or
  2. Purchasing highly promising yet undervalued businesses at an attractive price, giving us the opportunity to benefit from the future revaluation of the business to a higher valuation multiple; or
  3. Identifying opportunities to obtain both strong growth and multiple expansion.


We seek investment positions that have asymmetrical return opportunities with low expected downside.